Interview with Javed Abbasi

With the prevailing global crisis, what is your personal opinion on how the future of work will affect your business operations?
The work is for sure affected but the good thing is that people have adopted to new technology very quickly. There are certain businesses related to hospitality and travel they may not recover in near future.

According to you, which emerging technologies will be most crucial and relevant to the dynamic changes at work?

There are number of technologies like RPA and Digital worker which can take over the very quickly.
Online Education has picked up very well and online education technologies are booming. Dedicated education apps are also making its way to mainstream.

5G technology is very crucial with high demand of bandwidth due to remote working and demand for quality communication, IoT and Low latency applications. Now more content will be shared, watched and consumed on mobile devices.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) role will increase in communication solution; the best example is Blue Jeans software for communication.

RAN virtualization will also pickup to ensure more flexible, agile and cost-effective network. I also see IoT Solutions and smart devise to be used along with Remote Sensors and Monitoring Solutions. For the very remote places and fields, I also see satellite based tracking solutions to make instream.”

How do you think change management and HR policies will cater to the needs of employee welfare and engagement to effectively adapt to the future work culture?

I’m not very much comfortable with HR polices are revised and changed. However, we cannot blame them this is more responsibilities of the owners and Board of Director. HR themselves are the effects. This issue need to addressed at much higher level.

How do you suggest organizations will deal with business confidentiality, cyber threats, safety and security concerns which are crucial factors for the changing work operating models?

We have to ensure security at the three logical levels are addressed; first, at the endpoint, second, during transit and third, at the hub or the center. Various endpoint solution which were used earlier for Mobile Device Management (MDM) need to used to ensure that the endpoint security, data leakage and data eavesdropping threats are minimized.

For data in transit, all sensitive communication should be VPN based. We need to ensure we have scalable VPN concentrators, portals and gateways to handle a large number secure traffic.
We also need to ensure secure backend. In addition infrastructure to find out whether it can handle the expected traffic and can ensure that security policy is enforced before catering for any remote request connection need.
We can also consider having access to whitelist applications during and block all non-essential services. Special measures need to be taken for spear-phishing campaigns, fake websites, as result of increased risk of a cybersecurity incidents. There are widespread ransomware incidents when large parts of the workforce are working from home.
Online Training and awareness it the key otherwise any irresponsible click will ruin all security measures. Proper backups and DRP must be in place to restore vital corporate data and systems”

 How do you feel attendees will benefit from Future WorkTech Forum?

I think that such forum is must to enhance the future learning environment and learn from the experience of other.

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