With the prevailing global crisis, what is your personal opinion on how the future of work will affect your business operations?

Future business world is impacted by three fast changing factor i.e ever increasing Technology Revolutions, growing role of Artificial Intelligence and Covid19 disruption. Many current business models, processes and human value creation is likely to become redundant. Many jobs will be extinct and many new ones will emerge requiring a totally different set new competencies and skills.
Future of work and organization success will depend on leaderships ability to quickly adopt to the New Norms and be flexible to change at the fastest speed.

According to you, which emerging technologies will be most crucial and relevant to the dynamic changes at work?

Organizations ability to harness and leverage the new technology will heavily depend achieving excellence in connectivity and speed of data management . Ability to benefit from the big data will be a great contributor.

How do you think change management and HR policies will cater to the needs of employee welfare and engagement to effectively adapt to the future work culture?

HR will have to take a proactive leading role in Change Management. They will need to achieve success in the interest of organization survival. The new slogan they need to internalize and build in organization DNA will be “No Change – No Organization”. Leadership and employees mind set management will be the toughest challenge for everyone.

What are the main challenges in evolving into the future of work operations with respect to WFH, Remote Work and Virtual Employees formats?

WFH due to Covid during last few months has brought many learning lessons and challenges. The future is going to see WFH as a reality and optimization of balance between WFH and actual need and utilization of the office space. Remote Work and Virtual Employees will have similar problems requiring creative solutions from the HR Leadership

How do you suggest organizations will deal with business confidentiality, cyber threats, safety and security concerns which are crucial factors for the changing work operating models?

Cyber security challenges are a reality today and will continue to be a growing challenge in the future. It will be like an unending war between hackers and the software engineers. Organizations have to continually keep reviewing the cyber security effectiveness frequently and keep enhancing the security capability.

How do you feel attendees will benefit from Future WorkTech Forum?

The Future WorkTech Forum provides a unique opportunity for the business organizations, the leadership teams, the HR gurus and all the participants to open their minds about the challenges and opportunities to benefit from the emerging challenges and creative solutions that they need to be aware and adopt quickly for the success of their organizations.